The features of the bonus programs of the Tivit casino

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tivit bet casino bonus


The set of prize features is opened to Tivit Casino clients as soon as they log into their accounts for the first time. The promotions section offers not many decisions. Key bonuses are unlocked after registration and active play for money.

What is included in the Welcome Package of Promotions?

As with other casinos, cryptocurrency gambling club Tivit has a starter prize system. It is a portfolio of promotions designed to bring in new customers. The players will be given a bonus balance at their disposal and will bet not from their wallet, but the virtual one.

​​The amount of the bonus is the only difference between all purses and the actual exchange rate. Beginners can get at least 0.0015 BTC at their disposal. Most importantly, to get the gift there are no complicated actions to perform:

  • Gambler, who plans to use in his strategy bonuses, it is necessary to put on the balance at least 0.001. Incidentally, this sum is the minimum deposit amount. You can credit funds from any legitimate cryptocurrency web portal.
  • The user must prove that he is playing from one profile. To do that, an email and a phone number are tied to the account. Using bonus functions again from other accounts is forbidden.
  • The gambler must agree to the conditions of the promotion. Rules of wagering you can specify at any time in the chat support. In India, crypto-casino Tivit proposes low wagering and almost infinite wagering terms.

Before running the bonus it would not be out of place to go through the verification process. It does not affect the access to the promotions section in no way. If the user is not verified, he cannot withdraw the bonus.

The payout from the welcoming gift can be impressive. The administration puts no limits on the size of bets on the spin and the volume of the final payout. Moreover, you can activate the prize money in slots of any volatility.

Machines from the section of the popular chance to get a payout of more than 0.05 BTC per spin. Additional benefits the gambler can get at the cost of the jump in the rate. If you withdraw the payout to the wallet of the cryptocurrency exchange, income can be 5-10 times more than the initial deposit.

When the welcome bonus is poured out, the condition of withdrawal is canceled. The virtual balance is annulled and the customer of the institution receives the right to proceed with the game with money without any additional conditions.

How useful are bitcoin bonuses at Tivit casino

Cryptocurrency at online casino Tivit in India is ready to hand out for free. The promotions section in the page header contains the information that every user is waiting for so-called free coins. There are free bitcoins, issued every 60 minutes.

The user has to gather the cryptocurrency on their own. For this purpose, it is required to dedicate a private account on the site of the establishment at least once per hour. It is in this period that the counter of the bonus is updated and the user will be able to take the next Satoshi.

Crypto coins are deposited into the bonus balance. In the context menu of the personal account, you can see the details of this deposit. The tab «free coins» shows the number of available bitcoins. These coins can be saved without any time or quantity limits. One thing that the customers of the club should remember is that prize coins can not be removed from the cash register of the institution.

Taking advantage of the promotion is beneficial for several reasons:

  • The gambler is given free money for betting. The bonus is granted even to those who have not made a single actual deposit yet. So, already after 24 hours, there will be the possibility to play for money and to compete for real wins, but at the same time without having spent a single Satoshi from your cryptocurrency bankroll.
  • An unlimited period will be given for the wagering of shares. Users will not have to search for money in a hurry to fulfill the terms of the gift and withdraw the winnings received.
  • With the bonus balance, it is safe to take risks. Savings of bitcoins for several days will result in the virtual wallet accumulating a solid amount. It will help to play on the high roller strategy, even with a minimum budget.

Tivit Casino in India is largely due to this action and managed to get into the top of the rankings. No other alternative institution is offering no deposit bonuses in such volume and on such conditions. The simplest way to get free coins is to use the app. You need to make only a single click to log in to a personal account from client software.

Incidentally, in the mobile application, you can do Push-notifications. This program itself will notify when the bonus counter is willing to give out the following batch of prizes. The player will be able not to skip the no deposit bonus and in a short time accumulate an amount to play for money.

What are the special events at Tivit Casino?

The tournament grid at Tivit Casino is made up of several tournaments. The tournaments are run one after the next and last an average of 7 days. To participate, you have to have time to submit an application before the event and prepare a budget.

The user does not have to pay for admission. Participation is free of charge. Gambler spins the reels of the slots for bitcoins and in return receives rating points. The winner is determined each day and on the results of the entire competition.

The first place is taken by the gambler who made the highest amount of bets for the reporting period. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • By high roller tactics. The gambler can initially spin the drums on bets of 0.0003 BTC and earn statistics.
  • On budget strategy. Yeah, having large deposits gives an advantage. However, the gambler can make a large payout using a 0.00003 BTC bet and later use this cash to play on the principles of high rollers.

The outcome of special promotions is cash awards. This is no bonus, in a real payout, which does not need to be wagered on the wager.

Wheel of Fortune — a win-win lottery

You can get Bitcoins for bets in the machines conditionally for free. This is done through an internal lottery. Wheel of Fortune is active 24 hours per day and is waiting for everyone who wishes to try their luck.

This type of lottery draw is often seen in virtual casinos in India and elsewhere. The Tivit Casino, again, went a slightly bit different route and revised the classic rules:

  • The event plays out only with real money. This is not free spins and points, and currency that can be withdrawn to a personal account. Moreover, this is not a micro amount, but 0.003 BTC. With such winnings, it is realistic to reach the jackpot on the video lottery showcase.
  • The event does not imply loss. On the sectors of the wheel of Fortune, there are no empty cells. In each one there is a cash prize. The rewards vary in terms of the amount of payout.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is available through a Voucher. Players get special promotional codes in various ways. They are done through recharging the account, activating promo codes, and winning in the machines.

Tivit casino customers get the first invitation to the lottery already at the first replenishment of the account. Also, this type of bonus is spread through promotional codes. Search for coupons in the Telegram channel.

The result of spinning a wheel does not affect the rating, last deposit of the gambler, the status in the Loyalty program. As in original slot machines, the lottery all relies on a random numbers generator. A license from the regulator Curacao provides a guarantee to players from India that the Administration does not tamper with the results.

Here is how and where to find promo codes from Tivit casino

A form to activate prize crowns is located in the bottom right corner of the Promotions block. The bonus codes allow Tivit Casino customers to receive the following:

  • Free spins. There are no free spins in the base bonus kit of the gambling club. The online establishment operator makes up for this oversight with one-off promotions. Free spin bonus coupons are recorded a few times a month and usually are timed to the presentation of new titles or international holidays.
  • Virtual Bitcoins. Digital casino offers themed bonuses. Proactive users can find a no-deposit coupon. To activate the gift, you do not need to make a cash deposit. The funds are deposited into the balance of the bonus and open for draws at the showcase slots and crash games.
  • Deposit bonuses. Classic deposit gifts are offered to the establishment’s customers from the starting set. The new ones are opened after a couple or even three weeks of play. These coupons also have a personal nature and are focused on clients who are loyal to the club.
  • Vouchers. Individual bonus codes are intended to grant access to other prize events. Wheel of Fortune is a chip of the Indian casino Tivit. If vouchers are available, the gambler is guaranteed to get at least minimal winnings.

Coupons are split into general and individual bonuses. Individual bonuses are shown in a personal cabinet, they are sent by email. If you configure notifications in a mobile application, the data on the promotions will be displayed in the background on the main screen.

You can find information about general promo codes in the official channel of Telegram messenger. The community moderation informs players daily about online casino news, posts links to working mirrors as well as provides promo codes for free spins.

Free Bonus Coupons are activated via a link or copy and paste. Every promotion at Tivit Casino comes with a description. If the conditions of wagering are not clear to the end, you may go for advice in the virtual chat support service.

Hidden loyalty program

A clear system of statuses of Tivit Casino in India is not arranged. This is because the gaming club is still deemed new and in the phase of rapid development as well as growth. The bonus system was also originally made as simple as possible by the project organizers.

Customers are divided into active and passive. Gamblers who regularly deposit can count on 3 benefits from the administration:

  • Personal Observer. Customers who operate with large amounts of money require an assistant. Tivit casino owners will give a personal advisor for free. A support worker will follow the payments of the won bitcoins and inform you about the new promotions and private bonus offers in advance.
  • Regular promo codes. The easiest way to get to the wins of a few million coins in the club’s gaming simulators is through a paid round of scrolls. Getting free spins is only possible through the special prize coupons.
  • Money withdrawal with no limits. Withdrawal deadlines, as well as withdrawal sums, are different for each player. Only beginners work with the casino on the same conditions and can not transfer more than 0.03 BTC in 24 hours. VIP clients of Tivit Casino in India can transfer not less than 0.3 BTC per day.

More vouchers are becoming active gamblers. And therefore it is more possible to gamble on the money operator of the institution after the wins in the Event with the Wheel of Fortune.

How to buy slots bonuses

It is not necessary to hurry with the selection of a slot device in the Tivit casino catalog. In some models, there is the pioneering Bonus Purchase feature. The customers will have the opportunity to purchase gift features in the form of free spins and spin the slot machines at once with higher odds of success.

To buy a bonus, you have to go to a specific menu. Normally the Buy button is located on the main panel or the other side of the screen. In each machine, the free spins cost differently.

Affects the cost of volatility. Games with high payoffs have higher scroll prices. The reason for this is that for a single round a multiplier of x5000. Plus, payouts during prize spins are often held at an extra multiplier of x3.

The purchase function is only active in the money mode of the game. To minimize the risks, it is best to deposit 0.003 BTC and at first make small bets. This will help to quickly gain real expertise and during this time do at least not lose a lot of money.

How to get a welcome bonus at Tivit Bet? 

  1. Go to the official website of the casino. 
  2. Register and log in to your account. 
  3. Make the first deposit. 
  4. Get a coupon for spinning Wheel of Fortune. 
  5. Apply the voucher in the «Promo» section. 
  6. Collect the bonus. 

What bonuses are there in Tivit Casino?
At Tivit Bet, casino bonuses are awarded in the form of coupons for spinning Wheel of Fortune. In roulette, you can get up to $50 at a time. Promo code bonuses are also available.
How do I activate the bonus?
For a newbie to get the bonus, you need to register at the casino and make a deposit. For the first deposit the operator will give a coupon. It remains to go to the "Promo" section and run the Wheel of Fortune.
Where to find the current bonuses?
Information about the current bonuses on the site is available in the "Promo" section. You can find out about exclusive promotions and promo codes in the casino's social networks.
Can I use the bonus more than once?
Each bonus can only be activated and used once. Access to the withdrawal of won funds will open immediately after successful wagering in the slot machines.
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